A Musical Companion

I just added Michael Gaither’s newest Album Hey Karma to my music library.

As you may have already guessed from my poetry, I have a Musical Heart and love to listen to songs that spark the imagination – especially lyrical creations that have strings (guitars, banjos, mandolins etc.) in the background. This mix of songs by our Northern California local Americana singer-songwriter is both melodic and entertaining (as usual). Take it along the road as a musical companion as you brave the Bay Area traffic. And if you work in the Silicon Valley or anywhere in Technology – check out the song “Best of Breed Romance”, I guarantee a smile and you wont be disappointed!

My personal favorite on this album is “Somewhere I Went Right”. Find yours here
and listen to the title track “Hey Karma” live on KPIG radio

Discover all of Michael’s music and fun stories at michaelgaither.com

Samanthi Fernando, Author Musical Heart

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A poem inspired by the Album BREATHLESS by Kenny G


A single reed
Is all I need
To take me home
To the way we were..
Two feathers in the wind
In a dance
With our dreams
Two friends
Waiting for the dawn
Two parts in one song..
How the years have gone
How far we’ve flown
But the saxophone
Makes it all seem
A year ago..

silhouette of dancers – Art by Lahiru De Fonseka

Find more music appreciation poems in MUSICAL HEART

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Celebrating Music!

Musical Heart Kindle Edition released to read on any device! Look inside

50 Poems celebrating singing, dancing, entertaining, healing and connecting through the power of music.

See WHY I wrote this book & who I dedicated the collection to..

Preview selected poems and listen to a reading of Serenade.


A brilliant song can lift you above anything.. Certain magical musical experiences stick with you forever – like beautiful motifs, woven into the fabric of memory.

Samanthi Fernando, Author

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Why write about music?


“In the words of a great song or the notes of a haunting melody, there are joys to be relished, sorrows to be cried out and great escapes to be made.”

Samanthi Fernando, Author – MUSICAL HEART

Magic & Memories

From my youngest days, the sound of music captivated my heart. Our home was always filled with beautiful music – My father’s voice made everything magical. And with what she loved to listen to, my mother introduced us to a variety of acoustic treats.

True Connection

Musical Heart is dedicated to my sister – we have a great musical bond. Growing up, we shared and appreciated every piece of music together. Now though we live far apart, the power of music – still keeps us connected in a very special way.

Joyful Experience

When I joined the school choir – my life transformed in wonderful ways. Every experience, whether practicing or performing was filled with joy. Our singing teacher was amazing! She brought out the best in each of us. One of the poems in the book is about her.


My love for music goes beyond listening and singing. I’ve grown to embrace the display of rhythm in many forms. My best friend was a fabulous dancer, and with her I learned to appreciate the enchanting movements that accompany sound.


If you ask me what I love to listen to most – I’d say the piano, guitar and wind instruments. These sounds speak to my heart more than words. I have a lot of favorite songs – new, old, timeless.. My all time favorite still is “The Greatest Love Of All” by Whitney Houston.


So why write poems about music? – well there is so much to appreciate. So many talented performers and so many treasured experiences to celebrate… pure delight, special connections, healing and inspiration.

cover4I hope my collection of poems in Musical Heart will inspire you.

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Guitar Solo

Inspired by “Good Souls” and other songs from Americana singer-songwriter Michael Gaither’s Starlite Drive-In Saturday Night

guitar-fullHeading back
Down memory lane
The sound of strings
Calling my name
Hitting pause
Before the intro ends
Time to remember
Some old friends
Coming back
To drink once again
The rest of the song
Like champagne
Smiling because
It all makes sense
Another great song
With no pretense

Poem by Samanthi Fernando, Author of Musical Heart

Guitar made by Santa Cruz Guitar Company
Photo Credit Michael Gaither

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Poems about MUSIC

MUSICAL HEART 50 Poems for Music Lovers
by Samanthi Fernando

A gift of music, like a timeless promise deposited in the heart – is a treasure, waiting for the perfect moment – to be rediscovered.

Experience the Acoustic Power..

This book is a product of my great love for music, nurtured and inspired by numerous sources. A love that grows continually and flows in the form of poetry – to appreciate all the wonderful sounds of life. Written in praise of songs, singers, songwriters, musicians, composers – singing teachers, music teachers & all the passionate, creative people who work in the music industry.

cover4Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble Booksellers

Preview poems from the book here

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Tune into the wonder

MUSICAL HEART: Inspirational Poetry
by Samanthi Fernando

cover4A brilliant song can lift you above anything.. Certain magical musical experiences stick with you forever – like beautiful motifs – woven into the fabric of memory. 

MUSICAL HEART is an inspiring collection of poems celebrating singing, dancing, entertaining.. healing and connecting through the power of music. 

Cover & Banner illustrations by Lahiru De Fonseka

GET THE BOOK on Amazon or Barnes&Noble


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