Two Ships & Two Ships Now

The poem Two Ships Now, is the only sequel I have written so far…
The original poem Two Ships, written many years ago, can also be found in Sparkle Forever – my book about friendship unlimited. 

read both here 



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The date
Was marked
In my heart
And deep down
I didn’t want to be alone
But it was
The kind of day
With a lot to do
And no-one to talk to
So I let it go
With a sigh
Didn’t even
Want to write
And then I found
A sweet surprise
Words of hope
Just for me
From a friend
Who didn’t know
And I thought
With a smile
This, I’ve got to write..
There are no coincidences
When we have angels

Remembering Saumya (Sam) – the spirit of your love lives on, touching our hearts with friendship unlimited.

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An Author’s Dream

Sparkle Forever – Celebration of Friendship

January 8, 2017 – Grand Oriental Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka


It was a dream come true to complete the dedication of Sparkle Forever and celebrate friendship with those who inspired many of the poems in the book. My deepest gratitude to my family for organizing this lovely presentation.

Thank you to all who attended. It was wonderful to see old friends and share my poetry with you. Special thanks to Lilanthi, Dulanie, Viranthi and their talented daughters for making the event a great success.

It was a joy to show my appreciation to the guests of honor – my Teachers! The grand finale was my father singing the Friendship Song he composed for the occasion.


DEDICATION: 25 year remembrance for my dear friend Saumya (Sam) Almeida who taught me and many others what Friendship Unlimited was all about.


View the Album – Photography by ELIYA DAVIDE

Give the gift of poetry to your friends around the globe..

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Lord I Thank You
For the brothers & sisters
Who hold my hand
No matter the distance
For it is through
Their loving kindness
You send me courage
To go the distance

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

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Happy March

Let me show you
the flowering tree
as this friendship
between you and me

We’re coming into
a season of joy
With time
to share everything
hopeful that we see

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

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Poems for Friends

An assortment of short verses for the friends you love – including Cherished One from the book Sparkle Forever: Inspirational Poetry


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