My Godparents had a high regard for the Sinhala language. They lived and worked for God. I am blessed to be guided and encouraged by their love and faith. This “kaviya” is my humble tribute to them.


English translation:

A farewell song drifting from afar
Mixed with sighs from memory

The stars that shone
In the pavilion of elders
Disappear one by one

May our Father of eternal peace
Give us the strength to carry on

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Distant Lights

When your eyes wander over the western sky
And those distant lights make you wonder why
It’s not just the stars listening to your cry

Then reach for the hand that is by your side
Find a song that will light up those tired eyes
There’s healing coming at you from far and wide

Hold your dear ones even closer to your heart
Feel strength fill you up, don’t give up the fight
When you’re looking up, love travels faster than light


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hold on – stay calm

I know you feel I haven’t offered any solace
And I know you need me to tell you I care
If I know all these things, surely you know
Why I can still hear you, wherever you are

Hold on to Jesus

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Wings of love

What tomorrow holds
I may not know today
But I know the Lord
Who loves me always
Will carry me through
What will or will not be

inspired by Psalm 63:7

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

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Why this Book is FREE

free-ebook-downloadHope & Healing with Jesus is an eBook of Poetry, to share with anyone who needs the love of Christ.

We have the technology to give messages of hope to people around the world – and I am happy to offer this book absolutely free.

Please take a moment to think about someone you know, who may benefit from receiving this book.

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Yellow Roses

I wept for you my friend
Because I know you are hurting
I wept for you my friend
Because I know the pain of parting

I cannot offer you yellow roses
Or hold you in your darkest hour
I trust God and whom He chooses
To hold you close, until we are together

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

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God will speak to you

The Lord called upon me
to speak favor over your life
healing over your heart
and call to your attention
the graces you have received

He’s with you from age to age
in every trial, every experience
Seek God in every season
in all things, all endeavors
and God will speak to you

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

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Be Brave


The bridge between our hearts, still stands

The future, as always.. is in God’s hands

Remember, you are loved – and not alone

Be brave, when you must face the unknown

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems – State of Faith

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From the Sacred Heart

SacredHeart11I asked my Lord what to write today, and this is the message He gave me:

A message from the Sacred Heart to the needy:

Come to Me, those of you who are in need. I am here for the broken who suffer and bleed. Rise up from the ashes of your despair. Believe in My power to heal and repair. Let the light of My word inside you and look for the glow. Make your heart a home for My heart and you will be needy no more.

May the Sacred Heart of JESUS bless you.

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The healing love of Christ

May the healing love of Christ
Come to your spirit, fill your life
Lift you up and lead you onward

May the healing love of Christ
Come to you from far and near
In all forms, to carry you forward

May the healing love of Christ
Come to live within your heart
And radiate inward and outward

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

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