Bay Breeze

Listening to the leaves
Ushers in a sense of peace
As the sun pushes through
A cloudy start
With warm sentiment
And the cool breeze
Rushes to greet me
Like an old friend
Between buildings


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Inspired by the view from Artist Point – Mount Diablo State Park, California. See more nature poems in the book Enchanted Bay Area

Looking back over
Everything that was
Getting over the rocks
That were harder to pass

Time is the healer
That tirelessly draws
A pattern of hope
Over life’s great expanse

Seeing the bigger picture
Beautiful with the scars
A point to be grateful..
Rocks can be north stars

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

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Pink Gift

Inspired by a spectacular November sunrise in the Bay Area

A pink glow
Across the horizon
The precursor
For a burst of silver

Heading eastward
Into the winter
A gift of fresh hope
Wrapped in gold

When the heart needs
New inspiration
And the road takes me
Away from home

God knows
How to unveil
The unwritten psalm
In a spectacular sunrise

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

ENCHANTED BAY AREAEnchanted_Bay_Area_Cover
by Samanthi Fernando

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Abundant joy

A burst of color
Beside the freeway
Branches filled with joy
Waving on a breezy day

Fusion of purple
With captivating pink
A message for the heart
Surely written in divine ink

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

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Angel at the Mission

At the old mission
We met, as if in a dream
And talked of places
Where we had been
Are you weary she asked
Quite so, I replied
Drink then, this water..
Gently she implied
I wept on her shoulder
And the tears all dried
My cup she filled
With more for the ride
Lovingly she waved
As I said goodbye
Her parting words..
Come back anytime

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

inspired by the Old Mission in San Juan Bautista, California

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