Once again I was blessed with an opportunity to write a poem and prayer for the Bishop’s College Past Teachers’ reunion, which was held in January this year. Here is the acrostic poem TEACHERS



Dear Lord, You walked among the people, teaching them and lighting the way for all of us. We are humbled and honored to share this title of Teacher with You. We are grateful for the call You have placed on our hearts. And we thank You for allowing us to do great things among Your children. Lord, we harken again to Your calling – however big or small the task may be, we keep our hearts open to serve You with the guidance You provide. And as we walk into the unknown that tomorrow holds for everyone, we are confident in Your love that will always light the way. We ask for Your blessing for all of us and for every heart we touch – may Your glory, always shine through. Amen

See the previous poem THE STARTING LIGHT from 2016

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Top 5 inspirations


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CAMEO: There are many wonderful sources of inspiration for me to write poetry.. These were my “top 5”  in 2017. Colors of nature Angelic art Memories of home Enchanted views Old friends Share


Just when I thought

Everything was over

Something beautiful

Unlike any other…

Spoke to my heart

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

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Son of God

Saviour born
Once crucified
Now risen

Offers us
Faith for life

Giver of hope
Our Redeemer
Divine Healer

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” – John 8:12

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Little Lamb

JesuslambLost and alone
In search of hope
Take healing from
The word of God
Look up and receive
Everlasting peace

Lord Jesus loves you
Almighty God is for you
Mercy surrounds you
Blessed are you!

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

LITTLE LAMB is an acrostic poem of encouragement, created by Samanthi Fernando, inspired by the healing love of Jesus Christ

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WORSHIP = When Our Redeemer Sees How I Pray

A holy acrostic by Samanthi Fernando

“May I never forget how to WORSHIP You my Lord”

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What’s in a Flame?

Faithful Light Allows Meditative Enlightenment

Many of us have lit a candle or an oil lamp and meditated faithfully, to symbolize our intentions, invoke blessings or simply as an expression of gratitude. So what’s in a flame? The light can signify anything we want it to be. It could be a number of flames for a number of blessing or just one flame that unifies our spirit with all our beliefs. A simple light that connects us with the purpose of our existence and our blessed journey or destiny.

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