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What we wished for. . . by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Samanthi Fernando’s poetry reflects the sentiment that everyone wishes for when they visit a greeting card counter. Clarity. Simplicity. Rhyme without cliche. And often an extra layer of meaning to make the reader think. My favorite lines from her Friendship poems:
The longest pause
is only a heartbeat.
~Carolyn Howard-Johnson, coauthor of the multi award-winning Celebration series of poems and others.

Connected to the heart by Sharlene

Her words are connected to the heart, mind and re-connected to nature – the flowers, trees and sky, and inter-woven to the soul, faith, God. Her words are musical, lyrical, uplifting. I can almost sing her poems. I see her emotions in each poem. Samanthi is connected to her themes as intimately as she is passionate about penning them. She is a beautiful Rose among many…rare…and special. She is my friend…linked by verse, prose and to a childhood place where this all began…

Poetic blessings by Lisa Salan

Beloved Samanthi,
I am so very blessed to have been introduced to your beautiful & inspiring work. When reading your poetry I feel as if a cherished friend, or often the Lord Himself, is whispering kindness to me.
What a treasured gift you have…to bring comfort, joy, peace, hope & healing to many souls. Thank you again for your lovely ministry.
~Lisa Salan – Faithful Friends Christian Art & Design

A gift for all occasions by Caryle – Florida

The poems in “Sunny Gifts of Love” strike a chord of love, warmth and harmony. The poems evoke thought and feelings. I love that the author got some of her inspiration in a very special place called Sri Lanka

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 15 reviews
by Earl - SF Bay Area on STARSAFIRE POEMS
Wonderful gifts of pure joy

I highly recommend any of the books of poetry by Samanthi! Her writings - her messages - are pure Joy. Great to own, wonderful to gift [Mother's Day, Birthdays, I Love You's, etc.]

Sweet, touching and so lovely

The love, the warmth that exudes from your poems is almost tangible... the images you project are so real… the images leap out of the page, transporting you to that place… taking you on a dreamlike journey! Poems in the collection "On Rose Petal Wings" brought vivid images & happy memories rushing back. They are all so beautifully written... I love all of them - Coronet, Lakeside, The Offering.. for the sweetest sentimental reasons "Great Lady of the house" is my favorite. A wonderful job.. well done!

Wonderful Reading

Thanks so much for the book ON ROSE PETAL WINGS - both Amma and I joyfully meandered through the vast and varied collection of your inspirational poetry. Thank God, you have done justice to the Welgampola genes letting them bloom in poetic luster, each one an expression of tender sentiments both felt and imagined. Amma particularly liked the “Red corridor” mention. God Bless. Love, Amma & Thaththa

filled with love & gratitude

I really enjoyed reading your friendship poems in the book "Sparkle Forever", and felt that some of it was written for me - and that's the beauty of it because everybody who read them must have felt the same like me!!!!  My favorite is your poem MANY MOTHERS from the book "On Rose Petal Wings", it is so wonderful and touching.

by Starting Lights from Colombo on STARSAFIRE POEMS
very happy you are sharing your faith

We are very glad indeed that you are using your talents and gifts to spread the message of God's goodness and faithfulness to us at all times. May God bless you and all those who share life and love with you.

by Teacher at BC on STARSAFIRE POEMS
Blessings for your ministry

Creativity is a gift from God and God's unseen work in our hearts produces fruit in our lives. The words of "A Touch of Purple" brings back many memories - the seed planted has grown to tree with the fruit of faith, hope, love, gratitude, prayer and blessings. My prayer is that you will grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - 2nd Peter 3:18

Gorgeous roses for my winter!

You brightened up our gloomy winter with the gorgeous volume of "Radiant Roses"! A million thanks. We thank God for the deep faith that sustains such radiant joy and fruitful hope in you so as to produce an abundant flow of creative poetic bliss. May the good Lord and our Blessed Mother continue to guide you and help you live the love radiated by your inspirational work!

by viranthi on STARSAFIRE POEMS
Deeply touching

love all your poems..they touch me deeply ,bringing back beautiful old memories to, friendship, school years and most of all your poems about my sister are my favourite..

Source of encouragement

Your poetic creations have helped bridge the distance and kept us close, awakened our spirits with hope and joy! They always are the source of much needed comfort & encouragement in our daily life. May God bless you as you continue your inspirational journey in writing!

by Blessed - St. Louis, MO on STARSAFIRE POEMS
I love it!!!

Thank you for the blessing of your poetry website. I love it!!! I really enjoyed your poems! Thank you!

by Inspired in SJC on STARSAFIRE POEMS
Many wonderful poems

You have such a gift to transcend thoughts, feelings, experiences and perspectives into poetic delights!.. making people think and helping them feel better about things.. very uplifting..

by A.M in Connecticut on STARSAFIRE POEMS
Keep writing

may God give you more power to write… so proud of your creations... keep them coming...

by Sue - Toronto, Canada on STARSAFIRE POEMS
Extremely inspiring!

I love your literary work. Extremely inspiring! As I read through some of your writing I was so moved. Keep touching lives with your words

by 2 Blessed Hearts in Australia on STARSAFIRE POEMS
Thanks be to God!

Your faith-filled writing is a grace to all of us! May God continue to bless your blossoming talent.

by Brigitte Kuzman-Covill on STARSAFIRE POEMS
beautiful thoughts

Dearest Sam, you must be a chosen one to pass on the word.. it amazes me how all of the words flow so easily from your mind and lips. Your are gifted my dearest friend. I thank God you cross my path. love and blessings - Brigitte