Faith for Life

The story of my faith is founded in Christ:

I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers and role models who helped shape me as a Christian writer. Among these, one gentle soul stands out as the single most important influence in my spiritual upbringing – my beloved grandmother and Champion of Prayer, who went to be with the Lord after a long pious life of unshaken faith.

The Catholic upbringing I had at home, combined with the Anglican education at Bishop’s College was greatly enriched through the fellowship of the Choir and Student Christian Movement, where I experienced God through many wonderful styles of praise and worship. The teachings of The Gospel left an indelible mark on my heart. Through song I was constantly uplifted in spirit, and I learned the power of prayer. These blessed beautiful years, nourished the seeds of faith in me, to blossom into oneness with God.

Over time, knowledge that “The Lord is my Shepherd” – became the cornerstone of my faith. Led by Guiding Grace I embraced the Healing Love of Christ, and my path forward was illuminated and Anointing by Love. I put into practice my promise to Stand up for Jesus, affirming the belief that I am Called to Heal – with inspiring, comforting words. I write in FAITH now, In Communion with Jesus. With faith for life, Jesus is the Beginning and the End of my story. I have joyful purpose – “Because He Lives!”

As I continue to grow in Christ, I build upon my foundation of faith with a commitment to learning and sharing the word of God. The story of my faith is renewed every day with gratitude for the infinite gifts of inspiration. Jesus is in my heart, and fuels my faith with His presence – giving hope through me, to all who are prompted by the Holy Spirit to read and receive His peace.

Samanthi Fernando

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