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Stanwel – the vital link in our Marian connection

සුනිමල රැජිනී STANWEL මවක මිහිර

Our Lady, Mary the mother of Jesus will always and forever have a special connection with the Welgampola family. It is a story of faith woven through time that has brought forth special devotions honoring the Blessed Mother.

By divine design, I am not the first Welgampola to write a hymn dedicated to Saint Mary. In 1930, my grandfather W. M. Perera, (aka Malachias Master) composed the Periyamulla parish anthem “Sunimala Rajini” Immaculate Queen, for Our Lady of Snows.

Blessed with the musical genius passed on by The Master, and an exceptional vocal talent, his son, my father Stanley Welgampola (aka Stanwel), later sang and recorded the revered hymn, making it accessible and known to devotees all across the world.

In 2014, I wrote the Sinhala hymn and Marian devotion “Mawaka Mihira” Sweetness of Mary, dedicated to Our Lady of Lanka, which was brought to life through my father’s beautiful singing and delightful melody also composed by him.

I am forever grateful to my father for making all this possible with his vocal and musical talents. The same familiar soothing voice that gently lulled me to sleep as a child, and filled our home with musical joy, brings comfort through the healing sounds of Marian adoration.

I am also profoundly thankful to my grandfather for blessing and inspiring us with faith-filled creativity. His literary works including plays depicting the lives of Saints and firm dedication to spiritual music, has poured the holy oil on all our creative endeavors.

stanwelGiving his blessed voice to glorify the Immaculate and Sweet Mother Mary with songs of praise written by his father and his daughter, Stanwel is the vital link in our family’s Marian connection.

Chandima Samanthi Fernando

Visit stanwelmusic on YouTube to listen to original Sinhala songs written, composed & sung by Stanley Welgampola.

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