Enchanted kiss

I am smiling today
With childlike bliss
As lavender blooms
Like fairies dressed
For a party we missed
Are outside my window
Gently ushering in
The fragrance of hope
Like an enchanted kiss
For perhaps there is
Another celebration
Come what may..


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My Take..

Take great delight
In every lovely thing
Take note of kindness
Give thanks for each one

Take to your heart
Moments that shine
Take time to drink it in
Before the moment’s gone

Take every step in faith
On every road you take
And take your gifts to God
For the grace to go on

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

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Poetry about Places

Manifesting the Book: Enchanted Bay Area

Early in 2016, I started out with a handful of new nature inspired poems and a big goal to publish another Book of Poetry about Places. Here is a look at my journey and how I found inspiration to create Enchanted Bay Area.


As a child I imagined enchanted places I had never seen… In the San Francisco Bay Area, I discovered the landscapes I dreamed about really did exist. “Enchanted” is what springs to mind every time I see a redwood tree. This word has been in my heart ever since I read about the The Enchanted Wood in Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree series many many years ago. A word that I felt had to be in a title of one of my own books.

After publishing my first book California Serenade, I knew writing poetry about nature and places was far from over. There was more inspiration out there and I was prepared to receive it. A memorable visit to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, Southern California moved me to put a beautiful sunset on my vision board for a future book cover. And the power of visualization was at work…


After releasing Sparkle Forever celebrating Friendship, I began writing a new batch of poems with divine promptings through nature. And the February sunshine revealed a new goal – to dedicate my next collection to the Bay Area. My favorite quotation from the Bible in Philippians 4:8 always reminds me to think about whatever is lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. Keeping this scripture front and center, I put my heart into writing a Book of nature inspired poems – about the place I love.


Production took 6 months, drawing inspiration from magical experiences over several years – living, visiting and working in various parts of the Bay Area. Some of the poems were composed during commutes to the Silicon Valley – some during quiet time looking back on travels in Northern California. One was written after watching an episode of OpenRoad with Doug McConnell. Another seeing a flower outside my door…


Staying energized and hopeful about the project was easy as I made joyful discoveries along the way. One significant piece of literature I read during the making of this book, was “The Canticle of Creation by Saint Francis of Assisi”. Hence the poem Visitation. From concept to finished product, I am most grateful for the friends who listened to me talk about the Book and encouraged me while I was working on it. An essential part of the process!


Completing Painter’s Rhapsody, my favorite poem in the collection, was my sign to prepare to publish. Finding a photo for the cover was a challenge and I was blessed to be connected with Ron Horii who had the perfect image waiting for me – I just had to comb through his wonderful collection to find it. While I started out looking for a photo of the hills and wildflowers, when I saw the Hayward shoreline at sunset – I knew this was the one.


I hope the poems in Enchanted Bay Area inspire you to venture outdoors and explore beautiful places – relishing every opportunity to be in nature – noticing whatever is lovely, everywhere.

Be open to the magic!

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Rainy Dawn

The azure blue heavens
covered with splashes of silver

The cold morning is filled
with rain clouds all over

But the sun still remembers
to stream from beyond..

How beautiful is this rainy dawn

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

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Pink Gift

Inspired by a spectacular November sunrise in the Bay Area

A pink glow
Across the horizon
The precursor
For a burst of silver

Heading eastward
Into the winter
A gift of fresh hope
Wrapped in gold

When the heart needs
New inspiration
And the road takes me
Away from home

God knows
How to unveil
The unwritten psalm
In a spectacular sunrise

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

ENCHANTED BAY AREAEnchanted_Bay_Area_Cover
by Samanthi Fernando

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