vistacover3Seeing beyond the scenery

It all depends on how you look at it… and what you see in it, could change what it means to you.

Finding the Vista Point
Inspirational Poetry

A rare collection poems capturing many moods – through the colors and movements of nature.. Escape from the drama and enjoy the panorama. Take a road to tranquility through these gems of poetry. read more

“This book has some of my favorite poems from my vast and diverse collection: Visualization, Tapestry, Tranquility and Reprise – written during different chapters of my life. ” – Samanthi Fernando

Available in LARGE PRINT at these online Bookstores: | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository

Relax, Read: This book of 30 poems is a bright and cheerful travel companion. Get it for your next vacation read. Great for gifting too!

enjoy the eBook on any device

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