hold on – stay calm

I know you feel I haven’t offered any solace
And I know you need me to tell you I care
If I know all these things, surely you know
Why I can still hear you, wherever you are

Hold on to Jesus

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My Mantra

Look for the good – Make a heart glad
Reach for the gold – Give all glory to God

With Jesus, my infinite source of light – I am inspired to write

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When possibility
Permeates everything

The canyons and creeks
Haven’t changed
But you..

Find joy
On a new path
Towards greater vistas

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

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Inspired by the view from Artist Point – Mount Diablo State Park, California. See more nature poems in the book Enchanted Bay Area

Looking back over
Everything that was
Getting over the rocks
That were harder to pass

Time is the healer
That tirelessly draws
A pattern of hope
Over life’s great expanse

Seeing the bigger picture
Beautiful with the scars
A point to be grateful..
Rocks can be north stars

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems

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The Power of Poetry: News

“Poetry can bridge the distance to touch hearts all over the world.” – Samanthi Fernando

Featured Poem: Birds of Paradise

The adventure in poetry is, you never know who or what your next source of inspiration will be. And more than that, you may never know who your poetry will touch and how..
Birds of Paradise is a Mother’s Day Poem many readers enjoyed. So what do you think inspired me to write it – birds, siblings or something else? It was a poetic article about a kite show written by my talented friend Sharlene De Chickera. The mother in this poem for me, is Sri Lanka – the paradise where I grew up. But the power of poetry is – for you, it can be any shared motherly figure, who draws her children to the warmth of home. READ Sharlene’s Sunday Times Article


Karma in a song with a story

Michael Gaither’s song Somewhere I Went Right (co-written with John Cirillo) from his new album Hey Karma, tells a beautiful story that touched my heart.

The reflective lyrics in this song, channel karma and gratitude, showcasing the power of poetry.

Check out my review of the album, and find Michael’s fun & sincere Americana music here


THANK YOU to my Many Mothers & Muses

easter-inspirationIn my latest book On Rose Petal Wings you’ll find poems celebrating girlhood, sisterhood, motherhood – all inspired by women I have had the privilege of knowing. Along with many mothers I love (aunts, teachers and mothers of friends), this collection carries some very special dedications to my mother and grandmother. As you’ll see, I had many muses for the colorful characters in this book. So here’s a big THANK YOU to all of them! A special note of gratitude to my friend Jacqueline in Australia – who inspired me with her openhearted nature and mothering spirit. The poem Voyager’s Rose is about her.


Read More Poetry

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A Musical Companion

I just added Michael Gaither’s newest Album Hey Karma to my music library.

As you may have already guessed from my poetry, I have a Musical Heart and love to listen to songs that spark the imagination – especially lyrical creations that have strings (guitars, banjos, mandolins etc.) in the background. This mix of songs by our Northern California local Americana singer-songwriter is both melodic and entertaining (as usual). Take it along the road as a musical companion as you brave the Bay Area traffic. And if you work in the Silicon Valley or anywhere in Technology – check out the song “Best of Breed Romance”, I guarantee a smile and you wont be disappointed!

My personal favorite on this album is “Somewhere I Went Right”. Find yours here
and listen to the title track “Hey Karma” live on KPIG radio

Discover all of Michael’s music and fun stories at michaelgaither.com

Samanthi Fernando, Author Musical Heart

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