My Godparents had a high regard for the Sinhala language. They lived and worked for God. I am blessed to be guided and encouraged by their love and faith. This “kaviya” is my humble tribute to them.


English translation:

A farewell song drifting from afar
Mixed with sighs from memory

The stars that shone
In the pavilion of elders
Disappear one by one

May our Father of eternal peace
Give us the strength to carry on

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If the mission
I was given
Is to do my part
For your heart
To be brave
And whole again
Then I humbly
Bow my head
And say amen


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Enchanted kiss

I am smiling today
With childlike bliss
As lavender blooms
Like fairies dressed
For a party we missed
Are outside my window
Gently ushering in
The fragrance of hope
Like an enchanted kiss
For perhaps there is
Another celebration
Come what may..


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Once again I was blessed with an opportunity to write a poem and prayer for the Bishop’s College Past Teachers’ reunion, which was held in January this year. Here is the acrostic poem TEACHERS



Dear Lord, You walked among the people, teaching them and lighting the way for all of us. We are humbled and honored to share this title of Teacher with You. We are grateful for the call You have placed on our hearts. And we thank You for allowing us to do great things among Your children. Lord, we harken again to Your calling – however big or small the task may be, we keep our hearts open to serve You with the guidance You provide. And as we walk into the unknown that tomorrow holds for everyone, we are confident in Your love that will always light the way. We ask for Your blessing for all of us and for every heart we touch – may Your glory, always shine through. Amen

See the previous poem THE STARTING LIGHT from 2016

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Sacred Water

A reading of my thanksgiving poem SACRED WATER to my Lord Jesus – with gratitude for guiding me through the creation of Sunny Gifts of Love and the grace to continue to write and share.

Seeds of hope
In my heart
With healing touch
You did plant

Watching over
Each tender blossom
With sacred water
From the wells

Tending to
The garden now
The taste of love
Is in the fruit

Thank You Jesus
For giving life
To these gifts
I share with joy

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Two Ships & Two Ships Now

The poem Two Ships Now, is the only sequel I have written so far…
The original poem Two Ships, written many years ago, can also be found in Sparkle Forever – my book about friendship unlimited. 

read both here 



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Distant Lights

When your eyes wander over the western sky
And those distant lights make you wonder why
It’s not just the stars listening to your cry

Then reach for the hand that is by your side
Find a song that will light up those tired eyes
There’s healing coming at you from far and wide

Hold your dear ones even closer to your heart
Feel strength fill you up, don’t give up the fight
When you’re looking up, love travels faster than light


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Top 5 inspirations


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CAMEO: There are many wonderful sources of inspiration for me to write poetry.. These were my “top 5”  in 2017. Colors of nature Angelic art Memories of home Enchanted views Old friends Share

Poetry Gifts

I have been writing poems and putting them in cards and frames since I was a kid. Giving these as gifts, I find that most people remember or still have a poem they received. One that I particularly like to gift is the poem Equilibrium. This is my favorite inspirational poem in my collection, and I am sharing it again as we get close to the holidays.

Be inspired to give gift of poetry

Share Equilibrium – Image | Text | PDF


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Ask & let go

I sent my wishes out into the universe
With a prayer because God only knows
Both my intention and what must happen
And I let go.. willing to accept His wisdom

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