Gold & Green

I’ve been a #SharingwithWriters subscriber and contributor for almost 10 years, and I am very happy to give back to the wonderful Carolyn Howard-Johnson and the Author community by designing this new look for the Newsletter.


I enjoyed creating this with Carolyn’s website branding colors and here’s what I think about the significance of gold & green:

Carolyn truly is the gold standard for curating and sharing “How To” content. She never misses an opportunity to ask “How did you do that?” followed by “Would you like to share?”. If you read her Newsletter, you’ll see it is packed with valuable insights and great Tips for writing, editing, publishing, and promoting. She’s all about doing things frugally and always shares information about what is FREE. So green and all the shades of it, must be a reminder to Authors about saving money by doing things the frugal way.

It is fun to work with colors, and I hope more writers will find gold and green in Carolyn’s wisdom.

Samanthi Fernando

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