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Manifesting the Book: Enchanted Bay Area

Early in 2016, I started out with a handful of new nature inspired poems and a big goal to publish another Book of Poetry about Places. Here is a look at my journey and how I found inspiration to create Enchanted Bay Area.


As a child I imagined enchanted places I had never seen… In the San Francisco Bay Area, I discovered the landscapes I dreamed about really did exist. “Enchanted” is what springs to mind every time I see a redwood tree. This word has been in my heart ever since I read about the The Enchanted Wood in Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree series many many years ago. A word that I felt had to be in a title of one of my own books.

After publishing my first book California Serenade, I knew writing poetry about nature and places was far from over. There was more inspiration out there and I was prepared to receive it. A memorable visit to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, Southern California moved me to put a beautiful sunset on my vision board for a future book cover. And the power of visualization was at work…


After releasing Sparkle Forever celebrating Friendship, I began writing a new batch of poems with divine promptings through nature. And the February sunshine revealed a new goal – to dedicate my next collection to the Bay Area. My favorite quotation from the Bible in Philippians 4:8 always reminds me to think about whatever is lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. Keeping this scripture front and center, I put my heart into writing a Book of nature inspired poems – about the place I love.


Production took 6 months, drawing inspiration from magical experiences over several years – living, visiting and working in various parts of the Bay Area. Some of the poems were composed during commutes to the Silicon Valley – some during quiet time looking back on travels in Northern California. One was written after watching an episode of OpenRoad with Doug McConnell. Another seeing a flower outside my door…


Staying energized and hopeful about the project was easy as I made joyful discoveries along the way. One significant piece of literature I read during the making of this book, was “The Canticle of Creation by Saint Francis of Assisi”. Hence the poem Visitation. From concept to finished product, I am most grateful for the friends who listened to me talk about the Book and encouraged me while I was working on it. An essential part of the process!


Completing Painter’s Rhapsody, my favorite poem in the collection, was my sign to prepare to publish. Finding a photo for the cover was a challenge and I was blessed to be connected with Ron Horii who had the perfect image waiting for me – I just had to comb through his wonderful collection to find it. While I started out looking for a photo of the hills and wildflowers, when I saw the Hayward shoreline at sunset – I knew this was the one.


I hope the poems in Enchanted Bay Area inspire you to venture outdoors and explore beautiful places – relishing every opportunity to be in nature – noticing whatever is lovely, everywhere.

Be open to the magic!

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