The Starting Light

Life is a journey of constant improvement
And the road we are on is never straight
As each step calls for great discernment
The light at the start carries great weight

It is from the past we draw the lessons
That can enlighten our task at present
To find our course to a victorious future
We are prepared by every good teacher

Samanthi Fernando © Starsafire Poems


It was my great pleasure to write this Poem and special prayer of gratitude for the Bishop’s College Past Teachers Reunion.

The poem was given as a keepsake and the prayer was used to bless Teachers from 6 decades who attended the event on November 5th, 2016.

Chandima Samanthi Welgampola

PRAYER for BC Teachers

Thank You Lord for the starting lights You provided us at Bishop’s College. Thank You for every Teacher who put their hearts into leading us forward into a bright future. For it is through their selfless efforts, that we find ourselves still journeying in the right direction. As the multitude of hearts they touched, shine all over the world – may these dear Teachers feel the warm glow of grateful love returning to bless their caring hearts.
God Bless our BC Teachers.

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